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During our days we spend our time playing in and out doors, gardening, cooking, and learning about our outdoor environment.

We also spend time daily doing arts and crafts, singing, dancing, practicing kids yoga,and enjoying each others company.


Our mission at Sprouts Early Learning Program is to provide a safe, loving environment that nurtures the relationship between your child and our Earth.  We feel that children thrive on having opportunities to explore their curiosities in an outdoor setting. Sprouts is filled with daily activities to help the children gain a deeper appreciation for their food while learning valuable hands on skills of growing their food and cooking with what comes from the garden and local farms.


At Sprouts, we  provide a platform for connection, appreciation, and kinship with our natural environment through gardening, nutrition, environmental lessons, and play.

Our philosophy is that every child should have the opportunity to make healthy daily choices. We feel that the healthy choices start with growing fresh food, creating meals from the garden, and exploring in nature. As the young child grows through their preschool years and beyond, they have a comfortable and familiar relationship with healthy lifestyle habits and respect for nature.


Sprouts encourages and instills deep values,life skills and a respect for the nature.  The children learn to develop their own natural instincts, explore their surroundings and have the freedom for hours of imaginative play.  Our values in Organic gardening, cooking and sustainable living are practiced in our daily rhythm. We hold true to guiding the children toward these values and truly live into enjoying the simpler things in life.


Each day at Sprouts we enjoy many different activities. Many of our days are filled with: gardening, cooking, nature based play and seasonal arts and crafts. We also visit and tend to our farm animal friends who live on site. Through these activities our students learn basic life and social-relationship building skills. Below you will find an example of our Daily Rhythm.


9-9:30am           Arrival & Play

9:30-10              Fairy bell rings for circle time

10-10:30            Snack & Chores

10:30-12pm      Play & Exploration/ Gardening & Cooking 

12-12:45            Lunch & Chores

12:45-1:15         Stories & Quiet time

1:15-1:45           Play, Games & Art

1:45-2:00           Snack & Pick-up time


Tuesday-Thursday 9am -2pm.

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PHONE: (530)-277-8789

EMAIL: sproutsprogram@live.com

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